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Hi Darran,
Another option to try is:
1. While in IE, you didn't say which browser so I'm assuming IE, press, Insert / Jaws Key, to open Quick Settings Internet Explorer.
2. Arrow down to, Virtual Cursor Options, & under this heading is Select & Copy, & here you have 2 choices which you press the spacebar to toggle between them.
3. If you choose the, From Virtual Cursor option, this copies the text with formatting.  If you choose the, Full Content Using Onscreen Highlight option, this will copy the text without formatting.
Take care.
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Try shift-control-v, then arrow down through the options.


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Subject: JAWS 17 and Copying Web text


Hi List.


I'm having a brain freeze here, and I can't remember for the life of me which setting I need to alter to allow me to copy and paste text from a webpage into a word document?


At the moment what I'm copying is not what's being pasted!


I've been into the Settings Centre, but I can't find the relevant check box, or even recall what it is I should be looking for. My stumbling about in there is getting me nowhere in a hurry!


Any and all help gratefully received.








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