Using the Everything Search in conjunction with JAWS & Windows Live Mail


I believe I have posted about the Everything Search program on these forums before, but if not, here goes.  Everything can be downloaded in 32-bit and 64-bit versions from  It is an absolutely marvelous tool that does exactly what it says it will:  searches everything, based upon the file name, on the fixed drives on your computer.  Since I'm old school I generally remember what I've called files, at least important ones, and have far more reason to search for a "lost file" using its name, or part of it, than by using Windows Search to search based on either file name or text in a file.

If you are good about remembering your file names Everything can make adding multiple attachments to an e-mail that reside in a bunch of different folders much faster than having to navigate repeatedly in the Open dialog.

This can be done as follows:

1.  Use Everything to search for the file you want.  You can narrow your options very quickly using their simple search syntax.  For example, if you have a filename that includes spaces and named "Evaluation of Stock Markets in Different Parts of the World.docx" you will probably find it by entering, "eval* stock world".  The spaces in the search string are important.

2.  After entering your search criteria, either hit TAB or DOWN ARROW to take JAWS to the list of files returned.

3.  Go through that list using your preferred method in JAWS until you find the file in the search results you want.

4.  Hit CTRL+C to copy the file to the clipboard.  This also places the full path to the file on the clipboard in case that's what's needed, and in this case it is.

5.  In your e-mail program, open the attach dialog, and simply hit CTRL+V to paste the full path to the file into the "File" field, then close the dialog as necessary to actually attach the file.

The above works like a charm in Windows Live Mail when a variety of files, from a variety of locations, whose names you know need to be attached to an e-mail message.  It is far, far faster to use Everything to locate the individual files with the Cut/Paste technique for the full file path into the open dialog File edit box than it is to navigate all over the place for each and every one of these files if they're not in either the same folder or folders very "close" to one another in the tree structure.


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