Re: Attachments in "rich text" messages under Microsoft Outlook 2013

Kimber Gardner

I see this attachment problem all the time with emails from colleagues in my office. I've dealt with it via the file, save all attachments as you indicate.

What I haven't figured out is what the sender is doing to get the attachment configured as part of the body of the email.


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On Jan 15, 2016, at 6:50 PM, Jason White via <> wrote:

Have others encountered the following (Microsoft Outlook 2013, in a "rich
text" message - Microsoft's term):

The attachment is inline as part of the message body. The JAWS Insert-A
command claims that there are no attachments in the message, but in fact there
is an attachment. Reading the message text doesn't indicate the presence of
the attachment icon and there isn't an obvious way to activate it.

On the file tab of the ribbon there's a "save all attachments" option which
can be used to work around the problem, as I eventually discovered after much

Comments are welcome.

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