Re: Backup Software and JAWS

James Homuth

I hadn't even heard of that program until just now, and I like to think I'm decently informed. I've been living and dying by Backblaze of late if I'm being honest. Yes, there's a cost to it ($5 per month per computer), but it's unlimitted backup, it's off-site, and for the most part there's little that actually needs to happen beyond install it and forget it. It has a continuous backup option, so usually within a couple hours of a file being changed it's been uploaded, and is pretty much completely accessible. It works on a sort of opposite assumption from most backup programs. Instead of letting you choose what you want backed up, it takes an easier approach. Not everyone knows, for instance, where all their documents, pictures and whatnot are stored. So by default, Backblaze will backup everything on all your drives with the exception of your OS folder, the program data folder, and the program files folder (it's not generally recommended to back up your program files directory anyway). then, if you later on learn where a folder is that you don't want backed up, it's a simple matter to exclude it.
The advantage here is it's all off-site, so no need to go buy yourself a drive for the explicit purpose of backing things up. Or, if you do, it also means that backup can also be backed up. Then, if you accidentally delete something, just sign into the Backblaze website, search for the file or folder you deleted, and Backblaze will let you download it (it holds on to deleted files for 30 days).
Honestly, I haven't needed to use anything else since I ended up with that service.

From: Brian Vogel [mailto:britechguy@...]
Sent: January-15-16 8:45 PM
Subject: Re: Backup Software and JAWS

Thanks for the replies so far.  I had wondered what happened to Karen's programs since her website has, for all practical intents and purposes, vanished.

Has anyone ever tried, or is using, AOMEI Backupper Standard 3.2, which is available at no cost to home users?  It appears to be a great, and fairly straightforward, option but I don't know how accessible or inaccessible it may be with JAWS.

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