Re: fixing my email



          I may be able to help out on the e-mail end of things, but I need to be crystal clear on what version of Windows you're running and what e-mail client you're using.  Windows mail is a bit too broad to be helpful.  Are you using one of the versions of Windows Live Mail or, perhaps, the built-in mail app under Windows 10.

          Also, are your e-mail accounts set up to be accessible by POP, IMAP, or both?  Even if you have an e-mail client that tries to set up everything related to a given e-mail account it is helpful to know what port numbers and login credential security is required for a given e-mail provider.  I know what these are for gmail, since I've set up more gmail accounts (and I strongly suggest IMAP, not POP access) than I can count and I just found the stuff online for the domain name.


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