fixing my email

Ryan Coverdell

Quite a few months ago I had malware on my computer and when it was
fixed I could send to but not receive messages at my
rcover@... email address. I use gmail for my correspondence
now, but when I want to send attachments via email and such it always
defaults to that address. I haven't done that for a while. I'd like to
do a few things that I hope generate a lively discussion.

First, I should probably see if my old centuryhtel email works again.
I don't want to contact their tech support since they don't know jaws.
So I have a series of questions from those on the list who can help.

First, how do I, using Jaws get into the windows mail (successor to
outlook express) settings to repair the settings of my old CenturyTel
email account? Secondly, does windows mail work with gmail? That way I
could set my gmail as default when sending attachments and such.

In an unrelated item, I was using google chrome today for something
different on and when I went to download a book nothing
happens. The dropdown is set to brf format but when pressing enter
nothing happens.

Also, is there a way to have the save and open dialogue box when doing
down loads appear in a separate window so I don't have to press alt n?
I'd rather the save and open dialogue box in downloads would be front
and center rather than in the background.

I have many other questions in the next few days so please bare with
me. I will monitor the web site for answers since I don't receive the
digests anymore.


Ryan Coverdell

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