Re: Copying to clipboard

Ann Byrne

According to the JAWS scripting manual, the format to pass a keystroke through to a script is:

TypeKey ("Alt+F")

I don't know if the control key would be 'control' or 'ctrl'.

Here's the link to the section of the manual:

At 06:40 AM 1/15/2016, you wrote:

Hi all, I have a question for anyone who knows about scripting. How do you programmatically copy the word under the Giants cursor to the clipboard? I am trying to create a script to make the program more accessible that I have to work with during my job. What I want to do, is make jaws find the phone number that I need to call, copy it to The clipboard, and pasted where my cursor is located. I got the finding the phone number part down, now if I could figure out how to copy and paste it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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