Re: Windows10 calculator



          I really wish I could help more because Microsoft Math appears to be a very powerful tool that goes well beyond what most high-end graphing calculators used to do.  The fact that you can save worksheets that you're working on and come back to them later is just incredible.

          I will be very curious to hear what your findings are.  One small warning, though, don't be surprised if FS tells you that they are completely unfamiliar with Microsoft Math and unable to help.   I have gotten this response on a couple of occasions for things that I requested help with, and I didn't think those responses were unreasonable, either, since a company like FS has to focus its efforts on what most of its target demographic actually uses, rather than what a few outliers on the bell curve in their target demographic might use.  I'll be interested to hear what they have to say or tell you as well.


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