Re: Windows10 calculator



        Your post has come across not unlike a cell phone call that's breaking up.  However, it appears that you are asking me about Microsoft Mathematics, and, if so, I can be of almost no help to you at all.  I've downloaded and installed the program just to see if it would be more JAWS user friendly as a basic calculator, and it most certainly is not.

         It may be (and appears like it would be) quite useful for a math major.  My last mathematics class was calculus three all the way back in the mid-1980s, so I've forgotten an awful lot about anything that goes beyond basic algebra.  

         There are five different calculator, and associated graphing, functions in Microsoft Math:  Standard, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Linear Algebra.  It will deal with regular and complex numbers, there are functions for solving an equation or system of equations, and it doesn't end there. You would definitely need to work with someone who understands the area(s) you're interested in so that they can tell you whether what you're entering, and the results you're getting, are what they should be for the equations being entered.  The JAWS end of it should be "interesting" in that I don't really know how JAWS will interact with the various "buttons" that a sighted individual would just point and click to activate, but that I'm really not sure how they're implemented as programming objects.

          I'm sorry I can't offer much more than the above, but these sorts of calculations are so far out of my current range of understanding that I can't even really test out a lot of them.


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