Re: Keyboard web site.


On Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 02:49 pm, Elise Berkley wrote:
acts exactly like the favorites menu in IE.


           I urge you to think about these sorts of plug-ins, not from a safety perspective, but from a "really knowing how to use the program you're actually using" perspective.   IE, and now MS-Edge, are among the very few browsers that still use the terminology "Favorites."  Most others moved to bookmarks a long while ago.

           I get why, I get entirely why, they have their appeal but I also think it's important to invest at least some time trying to match yourself to the actual software you've chosen to use rather than put cloaks over common functions to make them appear like they do in another program.

           The above being said, here's the direct link to the Add-On page that lets you add PlainOldFavorites to Firefox.  This add-on is actually quite distinctive in that it's not a masker, per se, but allows you to use any Favorites you've already created in IE or Windows under Firefox and adds a separate menu to do so.  For myself, I'd rather export from IE (or whatever browser) and import into Firefox (or whatever browser) and avoid an added menu. These days with the sync features available in most web browsers (although only within each one) you can have your entire collection of settings, including bookmarks, available for your use if you log in to the browser itself and disappear as soon as you log out.


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