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Using XP and JFW 11, I find that Jaws sometimes reads from a different app than the one I'm on, or reports blank when there's actually something there. This mostly happens when I go to the Jaws cursor, and only on my laptop. Shutting down and restarting Jaws fixes the problem, but it happens frequently.

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Maybe I'm just getting cranky---a definite possibility--but I find myself saying more and more often to my students, "JAWS is lying to you."

1. When opening a new document or application, JAWS often rereads the previous screen before reading the screen it just opened. To a newby, this is way confusing.

2. When reading dates, JAWS speaks a 'th' or 'st' or 'rd' after the date, even though it isn't there. It is important to me to know what I wrote, not what JAWS thinks I want to hear.

3. When working with an outline in Word 2010, JAWS often but not consistently reports the line I just pressed enter on, and not the new line with the outline number. So when I'm planning a party--my favorite outline--it says "2. send invitations' and not '3', which is where the cursor is.

I don't think I'm imagining this. Is anyone else having these kinds of issues???



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