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Yes once or twice a rnib volunteer came to visit me, he is now retired and
in spain., he was good on the practical side, he once said to me"i have
been here for 2 hours and Jaws has lied about everything it was true

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I think my first JFW was 1.21, after some years with JAWS and DOS. I
really do believe, though, that JFW is reading with much less
accuracy/clarity than it used to.
At 08:28 AM 10/1/2011, you wrote:
Hi Ann, With the JAWS 13 Beta and XP Home, in Word 7 documents it
often reads text on single lines twice with a pattern I have not yet
Additionally, it often jumps to the bottom of messages in Outlook
Express when a message is opened.
Lastly, Research It still reports current temperatures in Celsius
although I did send in a Bug Report prior to the recent announced repairs.
F S may also be indicated in the rain suspension of the Yankees game
last night but I'm reserving judgment on this for the
moment. Bumping along with JAWS since 2.0, Mitch
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Maybe I'm just getting cranky---a definite possibility--but I find
myself saying more and more often to my students, "JAWS is lying to you."

1. When opening a new document or application, JAWS often rereads
the previous screen before reading the screen it just opened. To a
newby, this is way confusing.

2. When reading dates, JAWS speaks a 'th' or 'st' or 'rd' after
the date, even though it isn't there. It is important to me to
know what I wrote, not what JAWS thinks I want to hear.

3. When working with an outline in Word 2010, JAWS often but not
consistently reports the line I just pressed enter on, and not the
new line with the outline number. So when I'm planning a party--my
favorite outline--it says "2. send invitations' and not '3', which
is where the cursor is.

I don't think I'm imagining this. Is anyone else having these
kinds of issues???



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