Re: For all you CTRL+N "Create New Folder" users in Windows up to Win7

Matthew Bullis

Control Shift N has always worked for creating a new folder. The
keystroke Control N opens the same explorer window but a second one.
You could also use the applications key, or the context menu key,
whichever term you want to call it.

On 1/11/16, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
That changed with Windows 8 and carries over to Windows 10.   ALT+F,W,F
doesn't work in those contexts anymore, either.

File Explorer changed with the advent of Windows 8, I think, it could be
with 8.1, such that the old file menu is not there and CTRL+N doesn't create
a new folder, but instead creates a new, second File Explorer window.

CTRL+Shift+N replaces CTRL+N in File Explorer for creating a new folder via
a keyboard shortcut.


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