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Using JAWS 12.0.525 regularly and occasionally testing JAWS 13.0.171. XP Pro

To varying degrees I've also heard the reporting of the wrong line in
documents. I've not noticed the announcement of a previous application when
launching a new one, however.

but I can agree that depending on the context, a number might get the th or
rd added when reading line-by-line or in say all. It tends to happen when
the preceding word is interpreted as a month or its abbreviation. Never
could figure out how to turn that off.

And of course also being a long-time JAWS user I've learned to ignore these
quirks. But I can understand how a new student would be confused is the
speech were not as accurate as it should be.
Good points to bring up to Freedom Scientific.

Dave Carlson
From my Dell Latitude 630.
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Maybe I'm just getting cranky---a definite possibility--but I find
myself saying more and more often to my students, "JAWS is lying to you."

1. When opening a new document or application, JAWS often rereads
the previous screen before reading the screen it just opened. To a
newby, this is way confusing.

2. When reading dates, JAWS speaks a 'th' or 'st' or 'rd' after the
date, even though it isn't there. It is important to me to know what
I wrote, not what JAWS thinks I want to hear.

3. When working with an outline in Word 2010, JAWS often but not
consistently reports the line I just pressed enter on, and not the
new line with the outline number. So when I'm planning a party--my
favorite outline--it says "2. send invitations' and not '3', which is
where the cursor is.

I don't think I'm imagining this. Is anyone else having these kinds
of issues???



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