Re: I'm having a problem with webvisum!

Adrian Spratt

This message, posted by Gerald, may be what you need.


Firefox 43, the latest version, introduced a security feature that prevents unsigned, third-party add-ons like Webvisum from working. Follow these steps to get it to work with Firefox 43:

1.  Open Firefox 43 and in the address bar, type the below line as seen with no spaces:


2.  You will get a Firefox warning saying: 'This may void your warranty.' Click on  the button that sardonically says: 'I'll be careful, I promise.'

3.  tab once to the list of 700 or so items and press the letter X. You are looking for the below item:


4.  When this item is highlighted, press the context key or right click and choose toggle or press T (same thing.)

5.  The highlighted value should change to false as in:


Then press control + W to close the window and when you run Firefox again, Webvisum should work.


End of Gerald’s post. Let me add a caution: This change may reduce Firefox’s security protection.


From: David Ingram [mailto:dingram269@...]
Sent: Saturday, January 09, 2016 4:31 PM
Subject: I'm having a problem with webvisum!


Hi list members, I’m having a problem with webvisum and I want to use the firefox theme.  My question is “is there a walk throu available for those who want to install this classic theme for firefox?  Thank you for any information that you might have.

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