Re: need guidance on navigating in windows 10

Jean Menzies <jemenzies@...>

Hi Brian,
Well, maybe this makes sense. It says two columns, but is simply a list text format. But then a person knows how many items (lines) belong with each entry. This is similar to how wide tables might be done in braille if text won’t fit. You are told column headings, and then each (line) represents a column per se. Blank lines help with division of entries.
Does that make sense? That’s how I interpret it, anyway.
Sent: Saturday, January 9, 2016 12:32 PM
Subject: Re: need guidance on navigating in windows 10


        I was not meaning to be critical in any way.  I really wondered how this stuff is typically accessed since the table is defined in words, there is no formatting whatsoever.  I've just never seen anything like this as far as a technical document goes, and it has to be this way because it works better for its intended audience.

        As I'm inclined to say, "It's not all about you," where the "you" is "me" in this context.


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