Re: Views on Keyboard Shortcuts to teach or, perhaps, emphasize when teaching

Debbie Kessler

I encourage my students to take notes and we add keystrokes as needed or wanted.

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On Jan 9, 2016, at 6:57 AM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:


          You are indeed correct.   I hasten to add that I do not, and never have, attempted to teach any client the exhaustive list of either JAWS commands or keyboard shortcuts for the Windows programs they're using.   As I pointed out earlier relative to myself, even I don't know anywhere near to all of these.  I let the client's actual needs as I work with them guide just precisely what gets taught in terms of the weird detailed keyboard shortcuts that virtually no sighted person ever uses but that they must use if they wish to independently perform task X.

          I'm also big on the "teach a man or woman to fish" approach to JAWS and Windows, so that when I'm no longer present they are able to do a reasonable amount of digging and exploration on their own.  I do less of this than I'd actually like to because I often have to focus on a list of immediate and pressing needs related to what the client needs to accomplish NOW (or yesterday).

          I will take issue with your statement about blind users and the number of keyboard shortcuts they can manage in their heads.  Virtually every proficient blind computer user I know manages a large number of keyboard shortcuts in their head, far more than I do teaching them, because I learn them to teach them, while they learn them to use them and tend to build upon that list as more and more tasks are required over a period of years.  I'd be shocked if it isn't hundreds, plural, for some of the really, really proficient.


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