Re: JAWS and Focus when closing Windows



        Thanks.  I'll try the JAWS Key+T so that I can hear JAWS tell us what program has focus.

        Beware the ALT+Spacebar, then X command, though.  That only works if you actually have focus on that minimized window, and that's seldom the case if you minimize something with other programs also open.  Windows generally throws focus immediately on to one of your other open windows, so it doesn't work, or at least it doesn't on my computer without JAWS running.  When I use the minimize keystrokes to minimize the Chrome window from which I'm composing this message, focus is immediately thrown on to my Firefox window and the next ALT+Spacebar brings up the same context menu for the Firefox window, and since that's already maximized the Maximize option is stippled out and the plus X step simply dismisses that context menu.

         The ALT+TAB technique effectively gets around the maximized/minimized state anyway since it causes whatever window you choose using it to receive focus, be brought to the front of all other open windows, and be maximized all at the same time.


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