Re: JAWS and Focus when closing Windows

Adrian Spratt

JAWS key+t tells you the name of the application and document in the current window.


Alt-spacebar, then x, maximizes a reduced window.


From: Brian Vogel [mailto:britechguy@...]
Sent: Saturday, January 09, 2016 10:40 AM
Subject: JAWS and Focus when closing Windows


Hello All,

           I may, perhaps, already have the answer to this question in the ALT+TAB windows command, but thought I'd ask if there is another way.

           I have begun to notice that when you have multiple Windows programs running, and when you use ALT+F4 to exit a given program window, it is virtually impossible to tell visually (for me) or otherwise (for the client) what has focus once that program is closed.  As often as not it seems like the OS itself, rather than any one program, gains focus when a single program of a collection you have running has closed.  I have been simply using ALT+TAB to force focus back to where I want it, which works, but I am also curious as to what actually has focus before doing that.

           Also, and unrelated, the Windows keyboard shortcut to minimize an active window is ALT+SPACEBAR followed by N.  It took me forever to find this one.  I know about WinKey+M to minimize every open window and WinKey+DownArrow, which appears to sometimes minimize the window but other times behaves like a restore down, which means the window is actually reduced in size when it comes back up.  That often proves to be very problematic for your friendly, sighted assistant, just so you know. (place winking smile emoticon here).


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