Re: Views on Keyboard Shortcuts to teach or, perhaps, emphasize when teaching


On Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 08:58 pm, Dale Alton wrote:
I feel if it is a windows command it will make some thing change in windows and not make jaws work.


           And in that simple statement you are completely correct, and vice versa.   However, Freedom Scientific documents a number of Windows keyboard shortcuts in their own JAWS keystrokes document without ever differentiating, clouding the water.  Some have already been mentioned, but just looking quickly at the JAWS 15 Keystrokes document, here are a few examples of Windows keyboard shortcuts included in it without mention that they are not, really, JAWS commands:

TAB and SHIFT+TAB to move back and forth between different areas in a Windows Explorer window

CTRL+T to open a new tab in a web browser

CTRL+TAB to shift to the next tab in a web browser  

CTRL+9 to shift to the last tab in the web

and there are probably more.  One could argue that these are not Windows keyboard shortcuts, but keyboard shortcuts specific to web browsers for the last three, but what they are certainly not is a JAWS keystroke.

I think others have actually confirmed what I had hoped would be confirmed in terms of what I select to teach and how, and that is that it is important to be able to understand, at a minimum, that there is a distinct difference between JAWS control keystrokes and Windows program control keystrokes.  You pointed out that critical difference, and there are times when understanding it can save a person a world of heartache.

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