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Dorothy <dorothy.ingram-gorban@...>

Yes but david I tried setting up a gmail account remember and it corrupted
my zen account in the end we had to destroy it, even now traces of it pop
up,I am still not sure why that happened and I think you were baffled as
well . Dorothy

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Hello there;

I recently setup a yahoo account and I really didn't have any difficulties,

Where exactly are you running into the brick wall?

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Subject: Free Webmail accessible with Jaws 12

Hi All,

I am using Jaws 12 with IE 9. I am needing to create an additional
email address for work-related communications. My intent is to have
this new address forward to my existing gmail account.

I have tried signing up for hotmail and for yahoo; with both I am
running into a brick wall. I can't figure out how to access hotmail's
option features once signed in, and the Yahoo sign in process keeps
giving me errors.

Any recommendation for a free email provider that is easy o setup?
(Again, once activated, I don't plan to check the account on the web,
but I would like to be able to set it up without sighted assistence.)

Thanks much,

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