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Gary King

I want to issue a warning about turning off in-line frames.  I suggest that you only do so in the Personalize Web Settings section of the Quick Settings Tree View.  Otherwise you may be turning off this option for all web pages which is not such a good idea, as I found out the hard way.  There can sometimes be important information in those frames.
I tried checking into my local bank's web page early this week and couldn't find the log-in form.  I called the bank to see if they had a problem.  Well, it turned out that it was me that had a problem, and it was of my own making.  Their log-in form was in a frame, and when I turned off in-line frames, it disappeared.
Since my other screen readers still detected the frame containing the form, I knew that JAWS was at fault.  After thinking about changes I had made to JAWS recently, I had the clue to the mystery.
Gary King

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Here is what I have done so far to help in reading NYT articles:
1. I have set a placemarker tagged to the text “Share this Page”. Thus in articles I can hit K then N to get to the start of most articles (may have to repeat sometimes).
2. Thanks to help from Adrian I have turned automatic refresh to off.
3. I have turned in-line frames off.
Are there other settings or tricks to make article reading in NYT have a more uninterrupted flow?

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