Re: Question On Upgradeing to IE 11 from IE 10

Tom Behler

Thanks, Mario.

I'll let you and the others know how I do.

Tom Behler

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yes, you will need IE even if you don't ever use it. IE 11 will override 10.
it maybe a little convoluted and even maybe unnecessary, but I'd uninstall
Java and Flash before upgrading to IE 11. I'd also disable, and even try to
remove, any addons, accellerators and other junk that appears in the addons
manager. this will give you a lickity split experience. IE 10 didn't have
any cruft (junk), why should 11? and you may have to uninstall any other
program the IE 11 installation might ask you to remove. then reinstall Flash
and Java after a reboot.

If you should have to go back to IE 10, uninstalling 11 should roll you back
with no problem.

On 1/8/2016 6:34 PM, Tom Behler wrote:
Hello, everyone.

With the ending of Microsoft support for IE 10, I'm planning to
upgrade to IE 11 soon, perhaps as early as sometime this week-end.

However, in light of problems that Adrian and others have had with the
upgrade, I must ask a question.

If I upgrade to IE 11, does that over-write IE 10, or will IE 10 still
be on my machine, if I need to go back to it for some reason? This is
obviously not what I would like to do, but I just want to be sure the
option is there if needed.

I have been using Firefox more and more as my main internet browser,
but still would like to have IE handy as a backup.

One of these days, I'll try google chrome, but it may be a while yet
until I get the time to do so.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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