Re: Views on Keyboard Shortcuts to teach or, perhaps, emphasize when teaching

Jason White

Paul D. J. Jenkins <> wrote:

Other folks may want to explore more, and might be required to use multiple
Some of us use multiple operating systems, not just multiple screen readers,
regularly. There are some keyboard conventions which are similar across
graphical applications in Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux, for example
the keys used for editing and text selection. Text-mode Linux and UNIX are
unique, and deserve to win the award for efficient keyboard operations.

I would rank Microsoft as second best (and the best of the graphical
environments that I've used) with respect to keyboard shortcuts.

For anyone who is going to be independent, knowing how to look up the key
assignments is important. Microsoft provide lists of keyboard shortcuts for
Windows and the various Office applications. In my experience, the letters
chosen as shortcuts for controls in the ribbon are often not mnemonic, unless
I've failed to understand the system, that is.

I'm a strong proponent of learning the fundamentals well, and of empowering
people to read, learn and discover on their own.

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