Re: Views on Keyboard Shortcuts to teach or, perhaps, emphasize when teaching


Paul & Martin,

         Thanks for your input.  I had forgotten about CTRL+SHIFT+N.  Windows has a tendency to give way too many ways to accomplish the same tasks, but at least that gives people things to choose from.

         I may bring that command in, too, but I find that this client gets easily overwhelmed when I tell him something along the lines of, "You're going to perform function X, and you can do that this way, that way, or this other way, whichever you prefer."  For some clients that either has them instantly glom on to the technique they like the best or try doing it each way and then sticking with the one they like (at which point I try to note what that is for the specific client).  Others, though, suffer almost instant choice overload.

          Since this client is doing a lot of things that are somewhat menu intensive I've been shifting my own focus that way.  I do need to step back for certain really common functions that can be done with a single combination key press.

Thanks Again,


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