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Mike B <mb69mach1@...>

Hi Adrian,
If you try to install IE11 from a downloaded executable / installer, install it as Administrator.  With installer highlighted press the applications key, arrow down to, Administrator, & press enter.  I don't know if this will work any better than not installing as Administrator but, anything is worth a shot at this point.
Take care.

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Never choose run! Try doing it again, and choose the save as option and save
the install file to your computer. Then, just go to that file on your
computer and press enter and follow the instructions. That will work every
time. Every time I have tried to run a program from the web page, I have run
into the same problems you are having. Have a great one.

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Hi Adrian,

I don't know how to fix your problem. But what I would do is call the
microsoft help desk for users with disabilities. I've gotten help from
them before and it worked out well. Here's the number if you want to
go that way.


Good luck.


On 1/8/16, Adrian Spratt <Adrian@...> wrote:
> In light of MS's abandonment of IE10, I tried to upgrade to IE11 this
> morning. From what I can tell, the process is easy with JAWS so long as
> you
> don't encounter problems. However, I did, and I'm at a loss.
> The IE11 download link for Win7-64 bit systems is
> In this case, I selected the "run" option, and the download went smoothly.
> However, as installation started, JAWS verbalized something to the effect
> that not all files had previously been installed. (the wording is
> important,
> but I neglected to take a note.) At the halfway point, the installation
> stopped and I was directed to a new trouble-shooting icon on my desktop.
> Clicking on this icon took me to an MS help page. Among other things, the
> page lists a series of files that must be installed before IE11. I went
> through the entire list. Most files were either already on my system or
> weren't appropriate for it, according to the messages I received as I
> initiated each download.
> Everything else seemed in order on the trouble-shooting page except for
> one
> item that I don't know how to look into. This is that the video card may
> be
> incompatible. I had IE11 on my system until Wednesday, when a tech support
> guy trying to fix a problem convinced me to roll back to IE10. So, on the
> face of it, my video card should be compatible. However, is it possible
> that
> it has become incompatible since IE11 was initially installed two or three
> years ago? If so, any ideas how I can fix it?
> Second question. The only file that wasn't already on my system was not a
> prerequisite, but a recommended option. I installed it, then rebooted my
> PC
> (which, by the way, still didn't solve the IE11 problem). This is the MS
> description on that trouble-shooting page:
> Download x64 package for the 64-bit version of Windows
> An update is available for the ASLR feature in Windows 7 or in Windows
> Server 2008 R2       This update introduces the Force ASLR (Address Space
> Layout Randomization) feature. This is an addition to the ASLR feature for
> Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
> I have no idea what this feature is or does. Can anyone tell me? should I
> not have installed it?
> Sorry for such a long post and complicated query. But perhaps others on
> the
> list will be attempting to install IE11 before next Tuesday, and so any
> answers may help more than one of us.


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