Re: Problem installing IE11


Brian, here it is. just follow the signs to download IE 11 for the OS running from the computer or choose another configuration:

On 1/8/2016 12:52 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
The following is a serious, not snarky comment: If anyone can provide a
direct link, to a location within Microsoft's own website, that allows
you to download a stand-alone installer for Internet Explorer 11,
whether or not IE11 is the version on your system, I'd love to have it.

I have been digging through Microsoft's website and for any Windows 8 or
Windows 10 computer I'm on, if I visit the IE11 webpage it simply tells
me I have the latest version already installed and gives no additional
options. On a Windows 7 machine it gives you the upgrade option on the
site, which you click and it does download an installer, but when I last
ran it it did not appear to be an installer that one could or would
invoke separately from the web process.

I've run into multiple instances where IE11 either would not install, or
was already installed but had somehow become corrupted. I have yet to
come up with a satisfactory way to reinstall IE11 when that's needed.
If a stand alone install program exists and lets itself be run even if
IE11 is already on the system, and doesn't stop when it detects that but
does an "install over" install, that would be invaluable to have.

I think IE11 is still available only in a 32-bit version, but if they're
now doing 32-bit and 64-bit versions with separate installers I'd love
to have each of those.


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