JAWS 15 Question - Turning off "graphic" announcement in Windows Explorer


Hello All,

         This question may also apply to later versions of JAWS, but right now I'm working with clients who currently have JAWS 15 who are slated for upgrades.

         During a session with one of my clients yesterday, we again encountered what I consider to be a really annoying, and useless in context, feature of JAWS.  When you are in Windows Explorer or File Explorer, using either list or details view for your files and folders, there is a tiny icon that precedes each folder or file that visually indicates what follows it to it's immediate right actually is, e.g., a folder, an MS-Word file, a PDF file, an image file, etc.  For some reason that I cannot fathom, JAWS announces the icon's actual file name, e.g., Graphic 78, before moving on to the file name after it, rather than mapping that file name to useful information, e.g., MS-Word file.  It's even more annoying since JAWS announces the full file name and extension for the actual file when announcing that.  It's just hugely distracting (and, yes, to the client, not just to me) and adds no value as far as cluing someone in as to what comes next unless you've committed to memory what each and every icon's graphic file name happens to be.

         Is there any way to turn off the announcement of that specific item at the start of each line?  I cannot find any way to eliminate its appearance in Windows and really wouldn't want to as I know this client has sighted assistants at times and that makes it much harder for them to instantly recognize the file type.

         If this particular peculiarity has been done away with in JAWS 16 or JAWS 17 I'd be interested to know.  I worked with JAWS 16, but that's over a year ago, and my memory of what's announced when browsing in File Explorer/Windows Explorer is vague.  I've actually written to FS suggesting that they put the effort in to make a translation table in contexts like these so that instead of announcing the icon file name they actually give the user useful information so that the graphic for folder would be announced, "folder," a PDF file as "PDF file", etc. rather than these meaningless icon file names.


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