Re: JAWS Friendly FTP Client

James Homuth

fileZilla is definitely accessible with JAWS. I use that and WinSCP on a regular basis. I recommend WinSCP over FileZilla only because it lets you edit a remote file locally. As a linux sysadmin, I use that pretty extensively--mostly because I'm lazy, and typing "nano <filename>" just takes too long.

From: Brian Vogel [mailto:britechguy@...]
Sent: January-07-16 9:14 PM
Subject: Re: JAWS Friendly FTP Client


           I cannot speak at all to accessibility, since I've never had a client with a need for FTP capability, but you should definitely give Filezilla a try to see if it plays well with JAWS.  It's a great little FTP client, and if it does play well with JAWS I'll bet you'll love it.  It's free and open-source, so there's no risk in trying it and it's been around for a very, very long time.


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