Re: classic firefox theme



          The button for "the main menu" in Chrome looks like three vertical lines, with rounded ends, stacked atop each other.  I've now seen multiple references to "the hamburger stack button" in Chrome, Firefox, and elsewhere.  It is beginning to spread like a virus to be the "menu button menu."

           I don't know if I was tired and brain dead last night or if my computer was, but pressing ALT in Chrome then was doing nothing.  Tonight, an ALT press highlights the hamburger stack button and a down arrow makes the menu options appear.  It also lists the keyboard shortcuts for a number of the more commonly used functions, e.g., Ctrl+J for show downloads (also in a tab, not a dialog box), Ctrl+T for new tab, Ctrl+N for new Chrome window, etc.  I still don't like this nearly as much as the standard Windows menu conventions that have been present in virtually every Windows program for decades where ALT+ appropriate character brings up a menu and then pressing successive letters for functions under that menu, sub functions under sub menus, etc., can drill you down deep into the menu structure to get to what you need in a matter of a few keystrokes and seconds.


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