Re: Jaws with Learning Ally Link

Gennie Eachus <geachus@...>

You should just be able to press control-o and type The
home page comes up. You have the ability to do searches from there.
If you need more help, you can email me off list at
When I logged in today, it took a long time for the page to come up. This
was after I had just explored the home page. What technology are you using?

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Subject: Jaws with Learning Ally Link

Hey, all. Is anyone familiar with Learning Ally Link? It is an application
that works with Learning Ally to download books to read in audio format. I
am having trouble accessing the app homepage. I have to tab a number of
times and hit the pc cursor button until, I guess, it connects and then it
will read the page. Does anyone ave any suggestions that I can try so I
will not hope I can use this. It has my textbooks for next semester.

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