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I wouldn't think so. I have this addon, and it's purely cosmetic. I wouldn't think it would allow unverified addons to run.

On 1/6/2016 2:08 PM, Gerald Levy wrote:

So will this add-on make Webvisum work with Firefox 43 without resorting to the work around I have previously posted?


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i found this just now and thaught it might fix the wevism problem folks
are having.
I recently installed Firefox 29, which added several new features to the
popular browser.

These are mainly a combination of user interface-related goodies and
stability improvements. For example, users can now enjoy redesigned tabs
and the ability
to customize the front-end by adding more buttons and functions.


While these customization options are definitely welcomed, however,
Firefox almost always seems to “break” or change something that didn’t
need to be touched
in the first place.

Firefox 29 Issues

The latest Firefox 29 stops you from performing several, seemingly basic
things that could frustrate those who are picky about their
customization options.

Among these changes include the inability to move the Reload button from
its default place or see the Status Bar the same way you used to.

The Reload button now sits to the right of the Address Bar, while the
Status Bar only shows items when they are installed.

Additionally, it’s important to note that the so-called Status Bar is
now called the Add-on Bar.

The issue with the latter (at least in my case) is the fact that some of
my frequently-used add-ons are not yet compatible with the latest
Firefox version
or its visual overhaul.

Initially, I thought the best way to restore Firefox to its former glory
was to downgrade to a previous version. While this option technically
works, it
is counter-intuitive.

Then I found a Firefox plugin (or add-on) called Classic Theme Restorer.

What Does Classic Theme Restorer Do?

The add-on performs a lot of the things that are shockingly unavailable
in the latest Firefox update. For example, you can move the Reload
button and restore
the old Status Bar (Add-on Bar) to the way it looked before.
Additionally, you can place your tabs toward the very top of the
browser or underneath the
Menu Bar.

Thankfully, all of my favorite features were working again when I
installed Classic Theme Restorer. This includes plugins/add-ons that
were no longer functioning
under the new user interface.

Note that the current Firefox version remains the same; the plugin
merely restores its former visual settings.

How to Install Classic Theme Restorer

Click here
 to download Classic Theme Restorer.

Click “Add to Firefox” followed by “Allow” from the subsequent pop-up menu.



Restart the browser when asked, and voila! You are all set with its

How to Customize Firefox Options

Click the “Tools” menu from the Menu Bar, then click “Classic Theme

Customize any desired option as you see fit, including browser tab
positioning and the inclusion of the classic Status Bar (again, now
shown as the Add-on


As you can see, every option you modified works like a charm again –
including the return of the classic Status Bar:


How to Move Firefox Items

Simply click an empty area toward the top of the browser (such as the
empty space next to the Menu Bar) and then click “Customize.” You will
be greeted
with the following screen:


Drag and drop any of the available items on the main screen to the top
of your browser. Otherwise, drag and move any existing buttons at the
top and drop
them anywhere you wish.


I hope this helps anyone looking to move the Firefox Reload button,
restore the classic Menu Bar and any other feature missing from this
latest update.

~ Adrian

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