JAWS really acting badly

Walt Smith

Pardon if this has already been discussed, but I'm new to this list as of today. When I say JAWS, what I'm about to describe is happening with both JAWS 16 and 17, both with all current updates, on a Windows 7 tower with all Microsoft updates applied.
First, JAWS periodically and for no apparent reason simply unloads and (usually) reloads itself. I'll be doing something like opening a web site in IE 11 and JAWS just goes silent. After a period that can range from maybe thirty seconds to more than a minute, I'll hear the "JAWS Home Use Edition" message indicating that JAWS is loading again and when this takes place, I can then usually see two entries for JAWS in my System Tray (I've run JAWS from the SysTray for years). Sometimes, though, JAWS simply dies and remains dead and nothing I do, including pressing the hot key combinations that I've set up to load both versions of JAWS will reload the program and I'm totally dead in the water, since even Narrator won't load -- I suspect because of extremely high memory use. This last scenario happened to me just this morning when I was loading a scanned image into the new version of Adobe Acrobat and after I had my sighted wife come in and help me kill Acrobat, JAWS returned *without* reloading as described above.
Another issue; and this, I seem to remember, is an oldie; is that when I close Outlook, it frequently doesn't unload and it restarts. I'm currently using Office 2003 with all current MS updates and I know I should upgrade to something more recent because despite the fact that FS continues to supply scripts for this old Office version, whenever I try to report this problem, I'm told bluntly that Office 2003 is no longer supported. Seems that if this is the case, no scripts to use with this version should be supplied any more. Anyhow, I have a very faint recollection that this issue of Outlook failing to shut down when Alt+F4 is pressed goes back several years, but I'm wondering if anyone's seeing this. The ultimate symptom of this failure of Outlook to shut down is that while it doesn't show in the Task Bar, if I open Task Manager and tab over to Processes, it's still running.
Much as the thought distresses me, I'm about to the point of making the best backup I can and then reformatting my C-drive and reinstalling Windows 7 in hopes that this may at least help out with the issue of JAWS automatically unloading and reloading itself. When I look at processes running in Task Manager, there are a couple of generic things that are using quite a lot of memory (when I say "generic," I'm referring to processes labeled only svchost.exe for which I can't get further details).
If anyone has any wisdom to share on any of this, I'd appreciate feedback as I'm about at my wits' end. Thanks in advance.
Walt Smith - Clearwater, FL

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