Re: What is the issue with Captchas?

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No, it isn't proof enough maybe, but it is one of the stones to barriers. There is no such thing as 100% safe.

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I have been following this thread and still the question I have about captias for ages is still not answered. We have criminal minds who spend their time messing up people's lives by hacking their information via their on line accounts and stealing their identity. We have folks who steal people's address books and try to extort money from their family and friends. We are supposed to recognize an image so we can prove we're human and not robots. What can someone sitting on the other end of a computer in srilanka know about my status as a human being if I can tell him what some captia reads? If they would create the captias so we could read them back character by character problem solved, but that isn't proof enough that we're not devious. Judith

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Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2016 8:34 PM
Subject: Re: What is the issue with Captchas?

It will be a while before CAPTCHAs are stopped. This might happen, once compatibility with mobile browsing becomes a universal standard.
But the provider of online info related to my Visa card, for example, requires me to verify a CAPTCHA every time I sign in. Not just to change account settings or to do some other specialized or sensitive task--just to log in to check my points!

The muddy/hard-to-understand nature of the audio CAPTCHA is the whole point. They want something that requires subjective, human perception to understand--not just a clear voice-print that dictation software could translate automatically into text in the way that Grasshopper does with a voicemail message.


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