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O.Addison Gethers

Hello All.

When I had firefox 42 and 43 webvisum will not login at all because firefox version 42 and 43 wasn't compalible so here what 's Carlos give me instruction to make firefox default browser !! Here is Carlos instruction below and the lady name Ashley from microsoft disability support did helped me last week .




WebVisum works in Firefox version 42.  It will also work in version 43 if you change the following setting.


in the Firefox address bar and press enter.  Confirm that you will be
careful if a warning page is displayed.  Find the item labeled
in the list of options.  Press Enter on the preference to toggle its value so that it is set to false.


To stop Firefox from updating, open the


menu, select


navigate to the

tab, then to the


tab, and make sure that the

"Never check for updates"
radio button is checked.


Note that WebVisum may or may not work in version 44 and will almost certainly not work in version 45 if the developer does not sign the add-on.  If you want to continue using it at that point, either stop your existing installation from updating as described above or install a second copy and configure it not to update.  You can then run the second copy only when you need to use WebVisum.  A portable copy of Firefox might be better for this purpose which you can download here.

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Hello All,

Does anyone have problem with webvisum with latest firefox 43.1 and 42 logging in ? Because I can’t get webvisum log in firefox 42 and 43.1 so I   have try to download webvisum it won’t install the extension add-on where I can allow the software to install I went to add-on to extension ,appears and plug-in there is no webvisum disable at all!! Microsoft disability support man told me that webvisum will not work with the latest firefox 42 and 43 so he uninstalled firefox 42 on yesterday (Thursday) he installed Mozilla firefox 40 where webvisum login when he download the extension and allow the software install !! When I open firefox this tonight it was upgrading back to firefox 43.1 webvisum is not logging in at all !! How can I stop firefox updated the version when I go back to firefox 40 ? Does anyone how to webvisum to work with latest firefox ?





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I sent a request to the coders of WV to sign or have Mozilla's ADO team sign so blind users can still solve those awnery CAPTCHAs.


and I've recently upgraded FF to 43.0.1 and my WV was still working. I did not have to do the hack. I hope when FF 44 comes out, WV is still working.



On 1/5/2016 6:26 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

> Jean & Gerald,

>        Based on this thread I have written to the folks who code

> WebVisum to ask if they intend to create a signed version.

>        Gerald's instructions definitely work, but they also disable

> what I think is a valuable security feature that Firefox has added. 

> Any add-on coder is going to have to update their add-ons to be signed

> if they are to have any long term future.  I am hoping that the reply

> will be that a signed add-on is in the works.  If it is, and you get

> it, it's worth reversing that tweak to allow unsigned add-ons.

> Brian



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