Re: How to Make JAWS Speak When the Value of a Field Changes?

Gary King

You could try setting Screen Echo to All using the JAWS Key s combination.  If the field you want to monitor is the only area of the screen that's changing, you should hear the changes.  Of course, if other areas of the screen are also changing, you will get too much chatter.  Screen Echo is normally set to Highlighted.
If the above simple solution doesn't work, and you are serious about getting the needed information, then it is time to learn about JAWS Frames.  In JAWS Help topics under Customizing JAWS for Windows, there is a book titled Frame Viewer.  You can go through this book to see how frames work to monitor areas on the screen.
Gary King

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I use a program that has fields that contain numeric values.  These values periodically change based on information received by the program from a ham radio which the program is monitoring.  Presently, I have to tab into the field, and then the value can be read by JAWS.  How can I make JAWS report the value of these fields each time they change instead of having to tab into the field?




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