Re: Jaws speech and Zoomtext magnification?

Pablo Morales

Yes, both programs works nice.



From: Michael Mote [mailto:miketmote73@...]
Sent: Tuesday, January 5, 2016 8:59 AM
Subject: Re: Jaws speech and Zoomtext magnification?


It does work Ok.  I have worked with several folks who use that combo as well.  From time to time, we do encounter issues with the mirror display drivers, because both programs are fighting for control, as Ron referenced in his post.  Most of the time, they will play nice though.  The only major problems that I have encountered were with Zoomtext and Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10.  I think that has been resolved now though.




From: Ron Worley Home [mailto:ron65@...]
Sent: Monday, January 04, 2016 7:12 PM
Subject: Re: Jaws speech and Zoomtext magnification?


I am running Zoomtext 10.1 and JAWS 16 and I have not had any problems as of yet.  If you have the opportunity to do this, install JAWS first and uninstall it last.  There can always be an argument of which one keeps control of the vidio card.  You should not have any troubles with running Zoomtext without speech and having JAWS to speak for you.


From: Amy Bower [mailto:abower@...]
Sent: Monday, December 7, 2015 10:54 AM
Subject: Jaws speech and Zoomtext magnification?


Hi – I’m wondering if anyone is using Jaws speech with Zoomtext magnification. I did use this combo for years, but then abandoned Zoomtext in favor of Magic when it seemed almost impossible to get Zoomtext and Jaws to work together. This was at least 4-5 years ago that I made the switch. Now I’m having some problems with Magic and other products, like J-Say and Matlab (latter with Magic v. 13, so had to roll back to v. 12). Before I start a trial of Zoomtext, I would like to hear about any experiences out there with this combo. I always preferred the Zoomtext product for magnification.

-Amy B.


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