Re: Firefox WebVisum problem

Gerald Levy

Firefox 43, the latest version, introduced a security feature that prevents
unsigned, third-party add-ons like Webvisum from working.  If you depend on
Webvisum to solve image captchas like many of us do, follow these steps to
get it to work with Firefox 43:

1.  Open Firefox 43 and in the address bar, type the below line as seen with
no spaces:
2.  You will get a Firefox warning saying: 'This may void your warranty.'
Click on  the button that sardonically says: 'I'll be careful, I promise.'
3.  tab once to the list of 700 or so items and press the letter X. You are
looking for the below item:
4.  When this item is highlighted, press the context keyh or right click and
choose toggel or press T (same thing.) 5.  The highlighted value should
change to false as in:

Then press control + W to close the window and when you run Firefox again,
Webvisum should work.



Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2016 4:55 PM
Subject: Firefox WebVisum problem
I’ve just updated to Windows 10, so am updating other things as well. I don’t use Firefox often, but I do use it especially for capchas. I think I am running the latest update now, but it tells me that WebVisum could not be verified for use with Firefox and has been disabled. How do I get this back or allow it to run? 

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