Sighted Assistants & Web Pages


The following is only tangentially related to JAWS, but there is a connection.

At one time, not all that long ago, virtually anything presented on a web page visually was just precisely what it appeared to be, but not now.  More and more objects are being "visually masked" to appear as one thing when they are indeed another.  One example, which I just now encountered again when checking out the Adblock Plus main page, is their "Install for {insert the browser you're using at the moment here}" link, which is actually shown such that it looks for all the world just like a button to a sighted person.

I mention this only so you, and a sighted assistant, don't come close to coming to blows when they're telling you something like, "Hit B and you should land on that button since it's the only one on the screen," when the thing turns out to not really be a button.  I find myself, more and more frequently, falling into an "I'm getting ready to scream any moment now" mood because I'm unintentionally misdirecting my clients when we land on a page I'm not familiar with and "object X" is visually disguised to look just like "object Y."  I hate that, but I've already accepted the fact that it's likely to get far, far worse and may never get better.  I've been learning to love JAWS search much, much more due to this very issue.  Now that I better understand the logical split between the PC Cursor, JAWS Cursor, and Mouse Pointer within JAWS that will make my life, and those of my clients, somewhat easier as well.


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