Re: if i unsubscribe from the list will this delete my membership?

Ryan Coverdell

What is the new address for the actual web site to manage my subscription at?



On 1/4/16, Brad Martin <brad@...> wrote:
Most lists have a different option to go on "NoMail" instead of
unsubscribing. I haven't explored to see how that works, but
that's a pretty standard thing.


On 1/4/2016 7:59 PM, Ryan Coverdell wrote:
I don't want to delete my membership, just quit receiving daily
emails, at least for now. If I unsubscribe, will this terminate my
membership? That's not what I want. Please, can some one, let me know
before I confirm my unsubscribe. I look forward to your soon response.

Ryan Coverdell

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