Re: Adblock Plus, How / Where To Access Settings

Kimsan <kimsansong@...>

To add, it’s the same in windows 10…


From: Mike B. [mailto:mb69mach1@...]
Sent: Monday, January 4, 2016 12:57 PM
Subject: Adblock Plus, How / Where To Access Settings


Hi All,


Below is where & how to access / change your Adblock Plus settings, in Windows 7 anyways:


File path:

C:\Program Files\Adblock Plus for IE\html\templates\index.html


1. Open Ad Block Plust in the Programs Files folder.

2. Open the HTML folder.

3. Open the Templates folder & inside you'll find:


These are the settings when you first installed the program & are the default settings.



Open this to change your options / settings.  Arrow down to, Allow some non-intrusive advertising, & uncheck this box if you don't want any ads to show.

Take care.

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