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Charles Coe

Hello Laura,


There are many work at home jobs just google them and you will see what I mean.  The problem is several are scams and will cost you money and you will get nothing in return.



I have listed below some web sites you can go to find out about what to look for when searching for a work at home job.


Below are five ledgiment companies that offer work at home jobs. There are also companies such as American Express that also offer work at home opportunities.


1. Alpine Access


Established in 1998, Alpine Access has built a solid reputation in the work from home industry. The company has a reputation for hiring home based agents in a variety of roles, plus they're currently set to open positions in Canada so expect an international market soon.


The Financial Positives:

• You are hired as an employee of the company so you do not have to do your own taxes, have a tax ID number, etc.

• You are paid by the hour not by how many calls you receive.

• You receive a paycheck that is direct deposited into your account.


2. Arise


With Arise, their motto is to give you the freedom to work when and how long you want while earning a paycheck from home. They are a virtual call center which employs thousands of work from home agents for positions all across the board.


When you become a certified agent, you choose the companies you would like to work for and your weekly hours. They offer free live information sessions on their website so you can get more information before applying.


The Financial Positives:

• You are your own boss when it comes to how much you earn once you are accepted by Arise. You work as an independent contractor and you can choose which companies to work for and your hours.

• You can deduct expenses on your taxes for your home office and other fees.

• The potential to earn more based on the quality of your work.


3. West At Home


A leading provider of communication solutions, West At Home hires hundreds of home agents to work on an array of projects. This company has a brick and mortar location as well for agents to work at the call center, however, the main focus is the (At Home) branch.


With West, you are considered an employee and will earn a steady income. They offer paid training and a full interactive guide on their site about working from home.


The Financial positives:

• West offers both an hourly rate and a pay per call rate. The greater of the two is what you will be paid. This is beneficial as if you have a slow day with calls you will still receive a hourly rate, but if you are having a busy day, you will reap the benefits of a per call system.

• West offers discounted Medical and Dental insurance through a provider.

• You have the option of direct deposit or a Pay Card if you do not have a bank account elsewhere for immediate access to your paycheck.


4. Liveops


As one of the largest employers of work from home agents, Liveops has an established reputation within the industry. With over 20,000 agents and growing, they are always seeking new contractors to join their team.


Liveops is a BBB certified company and has been featured on news outlets such as CNN and Forbes Money. Working as an independent contractor means you are your own boss and can control your personal growth with the company.


The Financial positives:

• You are generally paid 25 cents per minute of talk time while some companies pay a base rate and a bonus for commission if you are working a sales geared company. By being a contractor, you can choose which companies you work for and therefore influence your pay.

• You have the freedom to work for other companies at the same time as you're not an employee. This gives you ultimate financial freedom as you can earn with other positions at the same time.

• You are paid 2 times per month usually by direct deposit or by a check sent in the mail.


5. Working Solutions


A force in the Work at Home industry since 1996, Working Solutions has contracts with many leading companies in the US to provide a 24/7 call center experience. Working Solutions employees thousands of work from agents that are highly educated and who are leaders in their chosen fields.


You're hired as an independent contractor and have the freedom to choose which projects you work with. Due to the level of experience being higher than other companies, the pay is also much higher with up to 30$ per hour depending on the type of work.


The Financial Positives:

• By specializing in a certain field, you have the potential to earn much more than usual at home positions.

• There is a paid referral program where you can earn for referring successful new hires.

• You are paid every 2 weeks and you can choose a Check or Direct Deposit when you have work completed.


You should be sure that these and other companies can accomadate JAWES.


Hope this will be of some help to you.

Good Luck.





From: Laura Richardson [mailto:laurakr65@...]
Sent: Monday, January 4, 2016 5:04 AM
Subject: Home based employment


Hi list members,


I’m currently searching for a customer service, medical transcription, or other home based position  but am not sure what extra equipment I might need to do these types of jobs from home.  Do I need special software, special headset and/or ear bud, etc.?  I use Windows 7 and Jaws 15.


Could somebody please share their current or past experience with home based employment?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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