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Brent Harding

I am thinking the Plantronics headset may only work with phone based work because the second side of it isn't just a second 3.5mm plug. I called up Plantronics, and they said it is a special quick disconnect proprietary connection that goes through an amplifier to power the mic, and it may only work with certain desk phones. Although they say it is a special order item with no return policy, the last I checked, claimed to have it in stock, but it is over $200. I'm not sure what one would connect to it if a soft phone is what one needed to use.

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I have improvised with a headset for one source and earbuds for the
other when doing medical transcription from home with one side of the
headset covering one ear and one earbud in the other. A refreshable
braille display/notetaker was very helpful, too. The companies I've
worked for provided the transcription-specific equipment (hardware and
software). Many medical references are available online. Searching
them out ahead of time, bookmarking them, and familiarizing yourself
with them can be a great timesaver.

Tina C.

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You will need a hedset that allows you to hear JAWS in one ear, and the
phone (or whatever audio source you are listening to,) in the other.
Plantronics used to make such a device years ago. You will need this
regardless of whether you work from home, or out of the home.

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Subject: Home based employment

Hi list members,

I'm currently searching for a customer service, medical transcription, or
other home based position but am not sure what extra equipment I might
to do these types of jobs from home. Do I need special software, special
headset and/or ear bud, etc.? I use Windows 7 and Jaws 15.

Could somebody please share their current or past experience with home
employment? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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