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Mine updates automatically...

I'm using my computer and out of nowhere it will say that addblock has been updated, and I close the window and go on w/my life.

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Hi Brad,
Thank you for that suggestion. It's in the same place on Windows10.
The only option which one is unable to see with this method is that to check for updates for the application. To confirm this, I had sighted assistance to get down to the menu at the bottom of Internet Explorer and one of the choices is check for updates.
If anyone can say how that choice would be accessed it would be great.
Perhaps one does not even need to be concerned with that as it probably updates automatically.

On 1/3/16, Brad Martin <> wrote:
That's a good question. I had never used it with IE, but after your
question I installed it. The best answer I can give you is to go to
Internet Explorer and visit the following address (which I guess could
be different in Windows 10--I have Windows 7):

C:\Program Files\Adblock Plus for IE\html\templates\index.html

That should get you to the options page. I'll try and find a more
normal way to activate this setting.

On 1/3/2016 11:26 PM, Shai wrote:
How does one manage the options of adblock plus in Internet
Explorer11 using JAWS17? It is set to block annoying ads and states
that the options are on the status bar but I can not find this menu.
I am using this with Windows10

On 1/3/16, Brad Martin <> wrote:
There's been a fair amount of discussion about pages refreshing. And
while it's true that some pages do constantly refresh (and it's
really annoying because JAWS gets hung up on reading the same things
over and over again), it's important to know whether this is
actually the problem you're experiencing. It may not be.

Yes, sometimes, especially on news websites, a refresh occurs
periodically. The page's author can set the refresh to occur every
ten seconds or thirty seconds or fifteen minutes (as is more likely
the case). At one time JAWS used to tell you "This page will refresh
in 900 seconds," but I haven't heard that in so long I don't know if
that's still a thing. But sometimes when JAWS loses its place (and
its mind) it's not because the page is refreshing--at least, not the whole page.

Sometimes the problem you experience is the ads on a page changing,
jumping, flashing, moving, etc. In fact the ad frames in the page
may be refreshing while the regular content is not. This tends to
manifest itself in JAWS losing its place frequently, or perhaps JAWS
reading the same line several times as you arrow down an article, or
skipping a line, then going back to it. For the sighted among us,
you can describe the feeling this way: You're sitting at a desk
reading a newspaper, when somebody comes around the back of your
desk and yanks the paper away from you by an inch or two--not enough
to pull the paper off the desk, but enough to make you lose your
place. So you adjust, you find your spot again, and, whammo,
somebody else comes along and shoves the paper towards you. Again,
you lose focus, so you start trying to find your place while somebody else shoves the paper in a different direction.

What's happening is that the ads are different sizes, they're
causing everything to shift, or they're moving. For those of us who
are blind, we may not realize that an ad has appeared that is
literally obscuring the page for our sighted friends, but I'm told it happens frequently.
They'll be reading and what they're reading gets covered up by an ad.

I say all that to say this: I used to hate, hate, hate clicking on
news articles because of the frustration I experienced while trying
to read them, and I have a super fast computer with lots of RAM, so
it's not a problem of the computer getting bogged down. All that
changed when I installed first AdBlock,
<>and now that AdBlock no longer works with
Firefox, I use Adblock Plus, <>which even has
a version for IE although I've only used the Firefox version. It has
changed my experience of reading news from all sorts of websites--TV
websites, newspaper websites, online news sites, everything. JAWS
rarely loses its place because the ads aren't jumping around the
screen and bumping my page back and forth. I stopped experiencing
crashes because of the flash ads. Honestly I can't remember the last
time I encountered a page that made me feel like it was truly
refreshing or reloading. It's very rare. A nice side benefit is I rarely have to wade through countless a frames and i frames.

Sorry that was so long, but I hope it helps some of you, both in
terms of understanding why JAWS is behaving the way it is, and in
explaining the experience to your sighted friends.

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