Re: how do yhou load the mobile gmail site?

Ryan Coverdell

This mobile site works great. I don't know why the regular desktop
site seems to have quite so many links.
Thank you for your link.

Also, if I unsubscribe from the list, does that mean I can still send
questions through the web? I think that would be easier for me then
receiving things via email. Also, how do I turn off alerts in
facebook" I don't need to see when everyone has updated their status.


On 1/3/16, Brad Martin <brad@...> wrote:
Wow, never tried this before, but I like it. JAWS works great with this
method, although Gmail yells at you to try to talk you out of it.


On 1/3/2016 1:18 AM, Ryan Coverdell wrote:
There is so much clutter on the gmail main page that it is not
efficient to read threads in this group because there is too much
other stuff. on my Pac Mate Omni that I am waiting to receive back
from repair the page is simply laid out with no unneeded clutter. How
do you load the mobile version of on a desktop pc?


Ryan Coverdell

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