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Sandra Streeter

Hi, all:
Is there a way to get Win. Live-mail to spellcheck the English only on a document containing both English and French? Sometimes I will have copied-pasted a French doc into the English message, knowing that the French doc is accurate, then, before sending it, it spell-checks, and every last French word is checked! At this point, I’m pushing Esc., then spacing to check  “yes” for “send anyway”, when it states the spellcheck was interrupted and did I want to send the message anyway. Which is an acceptable, quick way to get the job done, because I’m not sure I’d want to learn a whole new set of commands needed for every single French doc, though one that would give me carte-blanche to just skip the spellcheck on the French only would still be nice. If you know more than I do, I’ll be happy to learn!
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