Re: iCloud drive and Apps With JFW

Robert Logue

This is quite confusing.
I signed in but keep seeing this frame at the bottom.
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Now anyone can use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iCloud
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Needed to turn Jaws cursor off and left mouse click to close it to see a list of apps on my iPhone that are working in iCloud Drive. Not much so far.
Only see 3. Don't see Apple Notes which I'd expect. Only one app that has text and only one audio app.

Found help which shows that I can view and work with Apple Notes. But, doesn't work so far.
Now the page is blank and refresh f5 didn't help.

Got it back but I don't know how.

Found a link to Install iCloud for Windows on your PC Link

Enough for today.


On 1/2/2016 11:21 AM, Peter Donahue wrote:
Good afternoon again everyone,

One thing I neglected to mention is we're currently using JAWS 15.0 under Windows 7. We have yet to renew our SMA in order to upgrade to JAWS 17 if that's the issue. It's those pesky SMAS and other JAWS-related issues that is making
switching to the MAC more enticing by the day. If we can accomplish all of our computing tasks under oSX and iOS that we do under Windows and can save money and frustration once we have the funds to buy a new desktop we're game to switch.

Peter Donahue

Peter Donahue wrote:
Good afternoon everyone,

Since the subject of Google Drive and Docs has been brought up here I'd like to get some tips and tricks for using JAWS with iCloud including the iCloud Drive and the iWork Suite under Windows. iCloud and its associated apps can be accessed via the Web like the Google Drive and Apps. There are keyboard shortcuts for using this productivity suite as well. I tried creating a shopping list in "Note" but JFW wouldn't read my text back. I have yet to try this via one of our iDevices. Apple's iCloud Drive shows promise with JFW but for us the jury is still out concerning the other iCloud apps. Any tips and tricks will be appreciated. Should I try turning off the virtual cursor when using the iCloud apps like you must do in Google's Apps? Again feedback, tips and tricks will be very much appreciated.

Peter Donahue

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