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I love google drive and use it more vs dropbox. Why? Not sure lol.  The only thing I can’t seem to master is sharing a folder.  I can do it but it takes a minute for me to get it done.


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Mike & David,

          Thanks for the follow-ups.

          It's interesting to encounter a confusion on terminology because of switching between products.  I always try, no matter what product I'm tutoring on, to stick exclusively to the terminology they use in their documentation for object X.   It took me forever to call what all the rest of the world, including most web programmers, call a text box an edit field.  I also get that different products use different terms for "the same things."

          Back to the subject at hand, I've never received an answer to my earlier questions regarding whether or not anyone has tried using Google Drive for Desktop, which is available for Windows or Mac, and can be downloaded from this Drive webpage?  I actually quite love it, because it creates what appears to be a regular folder named Google Drive on your desktop and in Windows Explorer/File Explorer.  You can just drag and drop files to and from this folder and it uploads, downloads, deletes, what have you those actions are actually synchronized to your Google Drive in the cloud.  You can create folders within it, too.  It's ultra convenient, if nothing else.  It's not of much use, though, if you want to access your Google Drive on a machine that's not your own, and you would still need to be able to navigate the Google Drive webpage then.


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