Re: A question about ribbons


Ribbons were introduced because Microsoft could think of no more enhancements to sell new versions of Word so changed the user interface.

On 12/31/2015 11:29 PM, Maria Campbell wrote:
I'm retired, thus have lots of time to meander about on my laptop. Actually, I do use some shortcuts, and my menus are not all gone, as I said, using the programs that don't have ribbons.
I have nothing important to format, either; or to say, come to that.
But I do love my PC and get done what I need to do.

On 12/31/2015 10:20 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
I've never understood the appeal of the ribbon system and it's a mystery
to me why it was ever introduced.  When Office 2007 came out it was as
much a tectonic shift for me as when Windows 8 came out and virtually
everything familiar about Windows disappeared with it.

I find you comment interesting in that most of my blind clients use
keyboard shortcuts, at least to bring up a menu (or enter a ribbon).  I
actually try to teach the keyboard shortcut "chains", e.g., Alt+F
followed by S for save or Alt+F followed by A for save as (and some
chains can get much longer), since for most "point and click" usage of a
menu is a non-starter.  I teach these as well in reference to the
ribbons, e.g., Alt+H followed by 1, to toggle bold formatting, for
things that a client uses really frequently and that they need to be
able to activate/deactivate with maximum speed.  I'm trying to imagine
how you go about, or went about (since full menus are long gone),
accessing the menu system where keyboard shortcuts would not be "step
one" at least.


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