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If it only takes us as users a couple of minuts to label the graphics for Windows Live Mail to say if a message is unread, a conversation is collapsed etc then surely it would take even less time for FS and they only have to do it once for it to be available for all users so why the hell they don't do it I don't know. I have reported it several times with no joy but I'll do it again on the beta report form.


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Couldn't they also make Windows Live Mail to announce if a message is


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According to Eric Damery of FS, JAWS 13 public beta 2 has been released.
Below is a summary of updates and changes:


Below is the list of changes that have occurred as a result of feedback
over the past few weeks. If you have JAWS 13 public beta 1 installed,
the next time you restart JAWS 13, it should alert you that the update
is now available. Work is continuing and we expect the next update for
you within 3 weeks.


Eric Damery

Enhancements in JAWS 13.0.171 (September 26, 2011)

The following is a list of improvements made between JAWS 13.0.97,
public beta 1, and 13.0.171, public beta 2. Note that while many
customer reported enhancements are included in this release, the
following is a list of more notable changes.


* Added three new keystrokes to the Table layer (INSERT+SPACEBAR,
T). They are ALT+COMMA to read the current cell, WINDOWS KEY+COMMA to
read the current row, and WINDOWS KEY+PERIOD to read the current column.
* JAWS now announces links in the Results Viewer when navigating
using TAB or SHIFT+TAB.
* Resolved an issue with the Amazon Product Search ResearchIt
lookup source not returning any results.
* Addressed an issue of no speech on the Windows logon screen if a
Handy Tech braille display was connected.
* You can now press H in addition to QUESTION MARK from within a
layer to get help on layered keystrokes. For example, INSERT+SPACEBAR,
O, H will list the keystrokes in the OCR layer. This addresses issues
encountered using QUESTION MARK on non-English keyboards.
* Updated the JAWS help with new topics for the Convenient OCR
* Resolved an issue in Settings Center where the search was being
cleared after pressing CTRL+SHIFT+D to open Default.
* Addressed a reported issue where JAWS would speak dollar
amounts, such as $27.19, as a combination of pairs and single digits
even with Number Processing set to Single Digits.
* Added access keys for the OK and Cancel buttons in all JAWS
place marker dialog boxes.
* When pressing UP or DOWN ARROW on the Display Placemarkers For
group of radio buttons, addressed an issue where focus would move to the
next or previous control instead of remaining on the selected option.
* Resolved an issue using JAWS with the Event Viewer in Windows
* Resolved an issue selecting text using the SHIFT+CURSOR ROUTER
buttons on Focus braille displays.
* Improved skim reading a document when using the Attributes and
Color Rules Apply for Reading option.
* Resolved an issue in Settings Center where the location in the
tree view was lost when switching to another application then back to
Settings Center.
* The custom placemarker summary is now displayed in the Results
Viewer as expected.
* Resolved an issue in the Modify Voice Alias dialog box where
JAWS was not speaking the names of the Pitch and Rate slider controls
when modifying the OCR Voice alias.
* Addressed a reported issue selecting the laptop keyboard layout
using the Startup Wizard.

Quick Settings

* In Windows 7, after you press the APPLICATIONS key on an item in
the tree view to open the context menu to change the persistence level,
resolved an issue where the braille display would only show the first
item in the menu even though JAWS would speak the other options as you
navigate. In addition, the check mark indicating the current persistence
level for an option is now shown in braille.
* Updated the INSERT+F1 help messages for the Search edit field
and the tree view to provide more information specific to Quick
* Toggling the Select and Copy option, located under the Virtual
Cursor options, now works as expected when set to Virtual Cursor or
Using On Screen Highlight.
* Added context help for the Last Changed Settings tree view item.
* Addressed an issue where changing the punctuation setting for an
application in Quick Settings would not work. JAWS would continue using
the default punctuation selected in the Startup Wizard.

Convenient OCR

* Resolved an issue reading text with the Invisible Cursor after
performing OCR in a PDF document.
* Resolved an issue with Convenient OCR not recognizing the last
line of a screen from a DVD movie.
* Resolved an issue where JAWS would close when attempting to
perform OCR and a Handy Tech braille display was connected.
* Resolved an issue where JAWS would not close properly if you
attempted to close it while OCR is in progress.

Adobe Acrobat

* Addressed an issue that could occur when launching JAWS in Adobe
Reader 10 while MAGic is currently running.

IBM Lotus Notes

* Resolved a reported issue with selecting and copying text where
the prior line was being copied to the clipboard instead of the
currently selected text.

Microsoft Access

* Addressed an issue navigating in data tables in Access 2007 and

Microsoft Excel

* Added more descriptive Keyboard Help messages for the ALT+PAGE
UP and ALT+PAGE DOWN keystrokes.
* Changes in attributes such as bold or italics are now shown in
braille as a flash message.
* When navigating the list of functions for inserting into a
spreadsheet, addressed an issue where JAWS was not speaking or
displaying in braille the function description.
* Resolved an issue where the error for there being no custom
summary was not shown on the braille display.
* Addressed an issue where braille was changing to Line mode in
the Find dialog box.
* If you enter text in a blank cell followed by DOWN ARROW,
resolved an issue where JAWS would read the entire row. JAWS should only
read the current cell.
* Resolved an issue in the Categories list box in the Options
dialog box where JAWS would occasionally speak the previous item before
speaking the currently selected item while navigating with UP and DOWN
* When changing the Cell Verbosity option in Quick Settings to
Content Only, JAWS no longer reads cell coordinates when selecting
* Resolved an issue in Quick Settings where toggling Comments
Detection was being applied to all worksheets in the workbook instead of
the currently active sheet.
* Addressed an issue in Quick Settings with the Merged Cells
Detection not being document specific.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

* Resolved an issue reading check boxes on the Earthlink Web Mail
* Resolved an issue on where the page would
unexpectedly close or refresh while attempting to apply for a federal
* Resolved an issue reading buttons on Google Web sites using the
Virtual PC cursor and Navigation Quick Keys.
* Resolved an issue where JAWS would unexpectedly close on when pressing CTRL+BACKSPACE to delete by word.
* Resolved an issue where the Skim Read summary could not be
opened from the Word List dialog box.
* Addressed issues with certain list boxes where JAWS would speak
the selected item twice while navigating.
* Resolved an issue with JAWS closing unexpectedly when replying
to a message in GMail.
* Resolved a reported issue where under certain circumstances,
Data Grids would disappear from the Virtual Buffer after a page was

Microsoft Office

* Resolved an issue in both Excel and Word when typing a 2003
command sequence. The popup message "continue typing the 2003 command
sequence" was not spoken or brailled correctly.
* Addressed issues using INSERT+B to read the contents of dialog
boxes in Microsoft Office applications.
* JAWS now reads the text of the dialog box that appears when you
attempt to close the application and the current document has not yet
been saved.
* Removed some unnecessary text that was being shown on the
braille display when opening the ribbon with the Virtual Ribbon
* Resolved issues of JAWS not announcing and spelling grammattical
errors when spell checking a Word document or Outlook message.

Microsoft Outlook

* Addressed an issue where JAWS would become sluggish after
opening a context menu in Outlook 2007 or 2010.
* Resolved an issue where JAWS was not reading column headers for
messages in the Sent Items folder of Outlook 2003.
* Addressed issues navigating around the Info tab of the File menu
in Outlook 2010.
* Improved JAWS identifying graphics contained in e-mail messages.
* Resolved an issue navigating the address book in Outlook 2010
when opened from a message header.
* Resolved an issue where JAWS was not correctly returning focus
to the Advanced Find dialog box after selecting a contact.
* Resolved an issue with JAWS beginning to read the entire message
list when the Inbox opens after launching Outlook.
* Resolved an issue using the Automatic Replies dialog box in
Outlook 2010. JAWS now reads the contents of the People inside my
organization field when pressing UP or DOWN ARROW.
* Resolved an issue encountered when positioned at the beginning
of a line in a new message. The braille cursor would appear both at the
beginning of the current line and at the end of the previous line.
* If the Virtual Ribbon is off and you activate the ribbon from
the body of a message, resolved an issue where JAWS would say "message"
instead of the control name while navigating through controls.
* JAWS now alerts you when you enter a table in an Outlook 2007 or
2010 message.
* Several options specific to Word are no longer listed when
opening Quick Settings from within Outlook.
* Addressed an issue where JAWS was not reading controls correctly
in the Appointment Recurrence dialog box in Outlook 2007.
* When attempting to change the format of an Outlook 2007 message
to plain text, resolved an issue where JAWS would not read the
Compatibility Checker dialog box.
* Resolved issues with the CTRL+E keystroke to move to the Search
edit field in Quick Settings not working when opened from Outlook.

Microsoft PowerPoint

* Addressed issues with navigating and reading tables contained in

Microsoft Word

* Resolved a reported issue of JAWS not properly reading field
labels on some Word forms.
* Addressed an issue where the Virtual Viewer was not being shown
on the screen after pressing INSERT+F twice quickly to virtualize font
* When spell checking a document, resolved multiple issues where
the next error was not getting announced after pressing ALT+C to accept
a change or when pressing ENTER to ignore the error and move to the next
* Resolved an issue where changes to the Row Titles Column Set
option in Quick Settings were not being saved.
* Resolved issues with JAWS detecting newly created tables and not
reading bookmark titles.
* If you are using Navigation Quick Key W to move by words in a
word list (INSERT+CTRL+W) during a Say All, The Say All no longer stops
after pressing W twice.
* Resolved an issue with the text of endnotes not being shown on
the braille display.
* Addressed an issue in Word 2010 where the bullet type was still
being announced even though Bullet Type Indication was disabled in Quick
* Resolved an issue in Word 2010 where JAWS would not read the
values in the edit fields of the Font dialog box after navigating in the
Effects group.
* If a word list is generated for a Word document or Outlook
message, pressing SHIFT+W now moves to the previous word as expected.
* Resolved an issue when using ALT+SHIFT+A in outline view to show
all of the text associated with the selected heading level.
* If the Virtual Viewer or Results Viewer opens, if Quick Keys are
on in the current document, they will now remain active.
* Addressed an issue of form fields being spoken twice when using
F and SHIFT+F to move through a protected form.
* Resolved an issue where the word list summary was not displaying
all occurrences of a word as a link.
* Resolved an issue where the first time a table navigation
command is performed in a new table, JAWS would not speak. This would
occur if the Virtual Ribbon was disabled and a table was inserted.
* Resolved an intermittent issue with tables in Word 2010 where
after typing in a cell then pressing TAB, JAWS was not always announcing
the next cell you moved to.
* Addressed an issue of JAWS not reading controls when navigating
the Options dialog box if it is opened from the Spelling and Grammar
dialog box. Controls read fine when the Options Dialog box was opened
from the document.
* Resolved multiple issues with JAWS not indicating non-uniform
tables either during a Say All, or general navigation.
* Pressing TAB or SHIFT+TAB to move to the next or previous cell
in a table no longer causes JAWS to speak part of the text in the cell
you were just in.
* Addressed a braille issue where an entire line of text
containing a link was being underlined. Only the link itself should have
an underline in braille.
* Resolved a reported issue where JAWS would sometimes get the
table row or column count wrong in Word causing it to announce a change
in the number of row or columns when in fact, no change occurred.
* Resolved an issue with the German version of JAWS where spelling
errors were not being indicated.

Mozilla Firefox

* The message "Use JAWSKey+ALT+R to read descriptive text" is no
longer heard continuously as you navigate through a table containing a
* JAWS now reads the name of the page being bookmarked when the
Add Bookmark dialog box opens.
* Resolved an issue where links were not highlighted in braille.
This only occured in Windows XP.
* Pressing INSERT+SPACEBAR, O, C to OCR a graphic now works as
* Addressed a reported issue reading lists that contain links.
* Resolved an issue regarding the JavaScript function, SetTimeout,
reported by a developer.

Mozilla Thunderbird

* JAWS no longer says "selected" when selecting text in a message
and the verbosity level is set to Advanced.
* JAWS now reads all of the controls in the Account Settings
dialog box.


* Resolved an issue where keystrokes that include both the ALT and
CTRL keys were not working as expected.

Windows 7

* Resolved an issue in Windows 7 or Vista, if JAWS was getting
license keys from a license server on the network and was set to run on
the secure desktop, it would not release the ILM key after you logged
in. This could cause JAWS to tie up two keys at a single work station.
* Braille display controls, such as panning buttons and cursor
routers, will now work in the UAK dialog box.

Windows Live Mail

* Improved JAWS support for the Windows Live Mail calendar.
Appointments are now announced as you navigate in the Day, Week, and
Month views.

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